The Idea behind this website

The idea of constructing such a site was inspired by numerous interactions with our costumers. Many left-handers, when visiting our store, recount their own experiences and how burdensome many tools are, when they are shaped for someone else.

That's not a surprise to us. Our world often times is laid out just perfect - for right-handers. Right-handers seldom use their left hand for primary tasks, and even less do they experience not being able to execute, at least not as comfortably, a task just because the necessary tools are meant for the wrong hand. That's why often times they don't even notice the issue.

Only when visiting our store, do many right-handers realize the differences and requirements for products, which as well or even solely function smoothly when used with the left hand.

Sadly, we can't enlighten 80% of humanity in our store.

Even though there has been tremendous progress in the last 30 years, for example barely anyone has to fear being re-trained anymore, that doesn't mean everyone can "be who they are" yet. Being left-handed isn't some funny little quirk or smart people's character trait.

If left-handedness and right-handedness isn't accustomed to in the same amount in all ways necessary, that signifies actual discrimination of left-handers.

Through this website we mean to collect examples, raise awareness and promote understanding.

We collect these examples to make the public more conscious of the hardships left-handers face on the daily. Therefore we also provide the press, for articles, and students, for their papers, with this material.

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